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Google deletes G+ emails out of your INBOX without your consent?

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Done, deleting now
-rgdot (June 21, 2012, 01:06 PM)
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Thanks rgdot!

I still have the item that says you commented on my post, but it no longer contains your comment, and it just links to my post.

It also appears that old emails were also retroactively converted to notification, I had an old comment that got deleted but I still had the text of the comment, but now it too just links to my post.

Not too worried about it though, it is like a recall message feature, it may end up saving me some day.

Thanks, IainB, for the clarification.  Interesting strategy!...
-cyberdiva (June 21, 2012, 08:52 AM)
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By the way, what gets forwarded to the backup Gmail account and to the Group is the email together with any and all attachments.
Interestingly, the Group seems to have no finite upper storage volume constraint, unlike Gmail.

I for one was unaware that the G+ comments could be and indeed were being subject to actions where they could be automatically removed/erased from items in your Inbox, without your say-so, as per the manner described in the opening post.

There is a general rule related to the design for privacy and security of personal email - a principle - that one's Inbox is personal, private, secure, sacrosanct and, for most purposes, inviolable.
Making the point that Yahoo or whatever have been abrogating the principle for years does nothing to ameliorate the action, merely serving to show Yahoo or whatever for what they really are. I had already arrived at the conclusion a long time ago that I wouldn't touch Yahoo with a bargepole.

For me though, this is a new discovery. It is not just that it seems to be yet another of a growing number of reasons that have surfaced for not using Gmail - and especially G+ - but one with more weight than many of the other reasons.
Whilst I had also previously arrived at the conclusion that I wouldn't touch G+ with a bargepole, it now seems that I'm definitely going to have to consider leaving Gmail after this. Which is a pity, as, being skeptical I had only slowly started to trust and rely on Google and Gmail in the first place, operating on the maxim "By their fruits ye shall know them." - Mathew 7:16.

Unfortunately, Google seems to have just undone themselves somewhat, according to the same maxim. There's not a lot you can do to repair a situation where you have once breached someone's trust. It's kinda permanent. If you can do it once, then you can do it again and probably will.

This is more evidence - if any were needed - that "Do no evil." is a just a cynical cliché. But that knowledge is not necessarily a bad thing per se, because it has at least stripped off any possibly naive trust I might have built up in Google, so that I can see them more objectively as just another mediocre service supplier on a flat grey plain of mediocre service suppliers.
Ah well, "You get what you pay for", I suppose.

PS: Not forgetting:
"Ability proves itself by deeds." (Aesop's fables - The bees and wasps, and the hornet)

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Carol Haynes:
If you want to backup GMail then MailStore does a pretty good job (set it up as an IMAP account and don't forget to enable IMAP use in GMail settings).

The home version of MailStore doesn't have scheduling but it only takes two click to set off a backup.

For those looking to backup their Gmail account, you might want to check to see if Gmail/Google+ notifications would be backed up as well. It seems they might not be in the IMAP/POP3 stream since they don't appear to be actual emails.


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