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Google deletes G+ emails out of your INBOX without your consent?

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Thanks, IainB, for the clarification.  Interesting strategy!  My only reservation is that it still puts your email at the mercy of Google.  These days, that makes me slightly uneasy. 

...My only reservation is that it stil.l puts your email at the mercy of Google.  These days, that makes me slightly uneasy.
-cyberdiva (June 21, 2012, 08:52 AM)
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You and me both.
I do another infrequent backup of all of the email in my main Google account.
I don't think you can trust any Google services after they have shown how they can pull a service offline at the drop of a hat.

Paul Keith:
If I'm not mistaken, you can use to send e-mail to Evernote but that just puts you at the mercy of Evernote.

Dropbox works in a similar manner I think minus the reply part since there's no reverse post new note button.

I could be sorely mistaken though. I just thought the tech is possible since Evernote has an e-mail feature and has the pipeline.

I think in the G+ case, they do not treat the notifications as if they were actual emails, so if the original message is deleted, the notification goes with it. Just because it's in your inbox doesn't mean it's an actual email, in the case of messages sent between Google services. If they had added a separate sidebar panel with those messages instead of merging them with your unread mail list and it only contained current messages, and only G+ messages, I think it would have been more obvious that they really aren't emails.

Honestly, I don't see this as anything to panic or get bent out of shape over. It's not like they are deleting emails directly sent by 3rd parties. When they start deleting DC newsletters from my inbox, then it's time to panic and grab the pitchforks.  ;)
-app103 (June 20, 2012, 03:13 PM)
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+1 what app103 said. I had a feeling they were just referring to the notifications, not the actual emails..
Seems like they did used to send actual emails,  did they change them to notifications recently?

Anyone want to comment to this public post of mine and then delete the comment so I can see what happens?

Done, deleting now


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