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Firefox users still waiting for Flash crash fix


Adobe has yet to issue a fix for its Flash plugin — more than a week after it was first released — after users complained that the software continually crashed in the latest Firefox browser.

Adobe’s latest Flash version — also released on June 8 — appears to be incompatible with the browser when running on Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines. At least on the bright side, when Flash crashes the browser doesn’t crumble, so the chance of a data loss in non-Flash applications is minimal.

Naturally many are frustrated, but it’s likely many won’t mind the fact that Flash-based ads won’t load.

Mozilla said it was “working closely” with Adobe to “diagnose and address these issues,” a company statement said.

Unlike Chrome, which has the popular Web plugin installed by default, Firefox users have to install Flash manually. Mozilla’s support pages offers some suggestions but the best option is to simply downgrade your Flash version to one that works.
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hmm.. slow news day at zdnet? ;D

Naturally many are frustrated, but it’s likely many won’t mind the fact that Flash-based ads won’t load.
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-Stephen66515 (June 19, 2012, 12:54 PM)
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lol, naturally.. many will now experience peace sans Flash..

Let me just grab this opportunity to rant about updating flash.

Having to manually download and install two separate flash updates (firefox and ie) on a number of my relatives computers every time I looked at their computers has been such a pain. So I was thrilled when they finally, after so many years, got the amazing idea to add automatic updating (seriously, how could this take so long?).

Of course, as it turns out, if you are not running as admin all the time, you may be waiting a long time for the automatic update (30 days), which is hardly acceptable. Also, I found you have to actually check if it updates both versions, or only one of them.

This is part of the reason I have installed Chrome on their computers -- knock the silent updating all you like, but for people who are not computer experts it is an absolute blessing that it just works.


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