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Google Drive Version Changes?


Is there list/site of fix/enhancements/changes for Google Drive?

I sure would like to know what's new and improved (or broke) with each version. I know Google is big on "silent" installs and updates, but when you are deploying for a business/school the admins and users need know if they should update or wait.

Personally I dislike a forced full 2-way sync especially since my upload is like a tenth of the speed of my download. I would much rather see placeholders/links and when I double-click on them it should initiate the download of the file. I know it does for folders, how about individual files? Perhaps we may see that in newer build... assuming you know about it.

I am hoping someone with better google-fu knows or has stumbled on google drive changes.

This might help on turning off any auto-updates for files and folders:

And the rest of the Help file:

Thanks for the help page.

I think I am going to wait and see how v2 of google drive turns out.


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