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Skype now has a "Login With Facebook" Button


Dunno if anybody else has noticed this, but figured its worth a quick share...

Is this new? I've never noticed it before, but perhaps because I usually get signed in automatically, but for some messed up reason it decided not to do it this time, and removed my password from that screen...quite odd but made me notice this at least.

From what I noticed, Facebook does use some Microsoft products in it, such as Bing Translate to translate posts in foreign languages, and Office web app for viewing attached Microsoft Office files. I won't be surprised if they integrate Skype with Facebook Chat.


I just posted an article on the web on a site powered by Disqus, and I signed in under a Yahoo profile. I am very grumpy that it did not take my email address, but *grabbed my real first name and last initial off the yahoo account* and used that instead!  >:( 

Not that it's still easy for anyone to find or that it is damaging, but this "real name" crusade is getting on my nerves.


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