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The Board Game 'Renaissance'


Interesting show on Australian radio about the 'resurgence' of board games.

For the last few years i've been bitten by the board gaming bug..  I think it's as much about the live social interaction as anything.

Which is exactly the reason I came here to post that link.

All for you mouser  :Thmbsup:


I think a themed variant of Stratego would be funny given all the Patent/Copyright/Terrorist/ForDaKidz new laws going around. One side plays the Govt-Corporate Alliance and the other plays Citizens of the Free World. Typical character pieces on the Alliance side are, of course, ACTA, SOPA, and all those. Other ones are maybe Oracle Corp's Lawsuit, Maybe Apple's Lawsuits, etc.

The Citizens include individuals at a low power level, Internet Blackout Day, maybe the EU Commissions that are rejecting ACTA.


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