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BMP Converter...


Hey folks, just a small app with Explorer integration to convert from BMP to [JPG|PNG|GIF]... (Requires the .NET 2 framework, you probably already have it, if not see Windows Update or )

Double click to 'install', it will add the functions to the context menu of all BMP files (I'm looking to make it cascade for the next release...).
To remove, Just run:   BMPC remove

It works on batches of files, just select them all, Right Click-> To [JPG|PNG|GIF]...

Problems, bugs, requests comments... All welcome :)

Have fun,


I must say this is one useful program!
I needed it today. Unfortunatelly, it hadn't been created yet ;)
But now I have it, and it'll be there for the next time i need it. Thanks!  :Thmbsup:

Oh, that's really cool, to make it so quick and easy!  Like it, thanks!  Had to get the .NET 2 framework for it, no problem. 


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