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Single click focus, double click bring to front

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First of all, hello everyone! :)

I was wondering if it was possible to have a utility that changes the behaviour of windows. As it is, if you click a window it comes to the front and it is focused. I would like to have a behaviour like this: Single click simply gives focus without bringing the window to front, double click gives focus to the window and also brings it to front. Any chance that could be created? Thx!

I would also VERY much like to have a utility like this!

The ability to click once for focus, twice to bring the focused window to the front was a favorite feature of mine on the Commodore Amiga. It's wonderful! Now, here it is, over 20 years later and that great feature has not yet made it to the Windows world. I would gladly make a donation to anyone who has the know-how to code this gem.

Thank you!


For what purpose do you want the Window to get focus? Mouse-wheel scrolling ?

To be clear, the window in back is partially visible behind the window in front (as in not completely covered).  The most important thing is, I want to be able to copy information either to or from that window. However, in short, I would like it to do everything a front window does, but without forcing itself to the front. Right now, as soon as a partially covered window is clicked on, it becomes active and jumps to the front, covering the window that is most important for me in doing my work. I hope this makes sense.


... covering the window that is most important for me in doing my work
-bendecker (April 11, 1974, 07:25 AM)
--- End quote ---
Why not simply make the "most important window" Always On Top"? 


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