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Movie Title question for film buffs

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Guess duck duck go and Bing just doesn't have the same coverage.-MilesAhead (June 01, 2012, 11:55 PM)
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It's why I gave up on DDG after only a week as my default search engine, it just wasn't showing me the results that should have been right at the top.

Google gives me the results I want, I just try to minimise the carnage getting them.  :D

I searched for: movie ordinary man absolute power

Search results have changed, (even in the short period between when I first did it and now, eg. DC didn't appear in the original results), but when I first did it the movie title came up 2 or 3 times within the top ten.

IMDB,, (the two I reference above), and one other reference World Sci-Fi Cinema - so I took a stab at it being the most likely.

EDIT: Now I only have the IMDB reference in the top ten and doesn't get a mention in the top twenty.

I must get the CPU cycles left after the temp files are all deleted. Guess it's smarter to ask somebody who will get good searches instead of doing it myself.  Improves the heuristic somehow. :)

btw you are right about change. I did hours of searching a couple of weeks ago. Google, bing, yahoo.. nuthin'.

Type in "ordinary man rules the world" in google just now. It's like the third in the list. This is really silly. It's like you only find stuff when you stop looking for it.  Ok, I'm sold. Google of evil incarnate inc. is now def. search. :)

Type in "ordinary man rules the world" in google just now. It's like the third in the list. This is really silly.-MilesAhead (June 02, 2012, 02:17 AM)
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You're not wrong, I just tried your search, (with and without quotes), and got no hits for the movie in the first 5 pages of results.

EDIT: HA!  Got my old results back by blocking the Google search engine cookie using a Firefox addon: No cookie for Google search

Now Collusion remains blissfully blank whenever I do a Google search  :Thmbsup:


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