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Just Had a Baby Girl~!

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No seriously, good luck and congrats. (You're going to need it!) I only hoped you named her after me.

Congratulations, Renegade and kunkel321.

Can you already change diapers blind folded?

Can you already change diapers blind folded?
-PhilB66 (June 03, 2012, 06:39 PM)
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Hahahah~! No... Not yet... My guess is that the random nature of pooh makes it a bit tough. :D

A friend told me that my perspective on a lot of things would change once she was born. He's right. Some perspectives are changing.
-Renegade (June 03, 2012, 09:55 AM)
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Exposure to "responsibility" in the purest and most absolute sense of the word does that to you.

Falling in love can do that too. But, once a child enters the picture, you can't honestly say your life is completely your own any more. 

Isn't it odd how paradoxically liberating that loss of personal freedom becomes?

Not a bad trade-off giving up some personal freedom in order to acquire an additional purpose in life: a family.


Almost magical isn't it?  :)

-40hz (June 03, 2012, 01:28 PM)
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It is! My focus shifted entirely from my own future to that of my son's (now sons'). I lost all interest in my PhD and let it fade away over a protracted [cough]six years[/cough]  :-[ That probably DOESN'T sound positive or thinking about my son's future, but it was. I should never have started the thing in the first place; having a child brought that into stark focus for me. I wanted security, stability, and time with my son, not running like a rat on a wheel trying to get ahead in academia, moving every few years in search of tenure, frequent travel to conferences/fieldwork, late nights working on papers, research, and grant proposals, etc.

Enjoy this time, Renegade and kunkel321! You *almost* make me want to do it all over again!

Well, I've developed a bizarre urge to not post any pictures... Odd. I've posted lots before, but now, seems different... Anyways...

I've posted 3 pictures in my public Flickr photostream here:

I don't want to post them anywhere else, as I'd like to maintain control over the pictures.

She's learned how to cry, and is doing very well. Actually, surprisingly well.
-Renegade (June 03, 2012, 06:34 AM)
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You'll now learn a lot more about love... and sacrifice! (sounds ominous, but you'll understand soon enough!)

BTW, if you search here on DC you should find some posts I made about why I pulled most pics of my children & grandchildren from my Flickr account. Some idiot on Flickr had collections about "erotic children pics" and had linked to some of mine. Flickr's "privacy" settings aren't all that private. I keep pics that I want private on SmugMug now. More expensive but a lot tougher for people to crack.

Anyway, enjoy! Life will become very interesting now! And very joyous!

Take care,



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