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Is Linux just a hobby?

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Remember, too, that to this day, if I visit a large retailer to buy a computer, I'm also forced to buy a copy of Windows I'll never use. That's legal theft. And now Microsoft is rocketing toward the closed Apple model. Good luck with that in these times.

What is Windows installed on a computer? 125.00?
The price of a good backup disk.

Didn't Dell make one with Linux installed?

Do you think people won't be able to install Linux over/or next to Windows 8?

BTW, i've been following the posts here.

When i search for related stuff, i get lost and lose confidence in what was posted or reported.
It's good to read you speak out with passion and knowledge.
Who knows! Perhaps i'll drop Windows once and for all!  :P

Dell has been on-off with Linux. I lost track of it.

Stoic Joker:
Dell has had an N series of machines for their business line that comes with OpenDOS for quite a while. Just look for the Precision T1600n.  I've had ~50 of the T1500/T1600s in the field for a year or so, and they're really nice machines.

That's legal theft.
-zridling (May 23, 2012, 02:13 PM)
--- End quote ---

How is that theft?


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