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MoveIt Changed Arrow hotkeys to Alt-Winkey Arrow for move by large increment, and Control-Winkey  Arrow to move by smaller increment. This should remove conflict with commonly used hotkeys.
-MilesAhead (July 14, 2012, 09:03 PM)
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that's a good choice, will test, thanks :-*

edit/ it's working great :Thmbsup:
-tomos (July 15, 2012, 05:49 AM)
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Cool. I appreciate the feedback. :)

MoveIt Added keys 1 - 9 (top main keyboard row only, not numberpad) to position windows without resizing in tic tac toe style. 1 = bottom left corner of work area. 9 = top right.

This should eliminate the need to use TicClick if you have MoveIt running.

See About Box for details.

I bumped up the version to since it embeds the functionality of another utility.

MoveIt User Keyboard Hotkey bug fix.

MoveIt User hotkey .. more bugs fixed. Edit: Now compiled with AHK_L 32 bit English Unicode.  Added test for maximized window for 1 - 9 move. If maximized,
no action is taken(ding sound is played.)

I dont know would this be called a bug or not...

I press my default hotkey, then decide not to use the app and press the escape key:

Error:  The following variable name contains an illegal character:

--->   158: if (InStr(Custom_%key%,"|")) 

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