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Contest - Come up with a novel idea for DonationCredits

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OK so everyone is busy having their say and anyone can come up with an idea...I would like to say this: In my opinion there are a lot of needy people...(OK besides myself and others on this forum who are less fortunate) All I Hear is about 'Coding snacks' and so on let's also think about the 'Less Fortunate' how about a 'Wish List' Kitty (Not the meowing type) Where at least members can donate a little something whenever it pleases them which piles up and once the target is reached so you buy whatever is really needed (In this event you would find out from homes EXAMPLE: 'Disabled' (Wheelchairs)...'For the Blind' (Guide Dogs ect) ...(Childrens homes)...What ever may be really an advantage to the individual, obviously looking at the own interest of (which would come first)...I think what goes round comes around...After all this is the forum...Just another crazy idea! :Thmbsup:

i like the idea of having a fund available that people can donate to for some good cause..
but maybe we can find a cause that will help out in a way related to the site... not sure what that would be.. maybe a charitable fund to bring computers to schools that can't afford them?

That sounds like a good idea :Thmbsup:...At least it would open a new window to the rest of the world...i.e. Education ect and giving them the opertunety of discovering that there is more to life than they just live in...

not sure what that would be.. maybe a charitable fund to bring computers to schools that can't afford them?-mouser (April 15, 2006, 09:11 AM)
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I know it's easy for me to sit back and take potshots at other people's ideas :-[ but there're already groups that work towards school computers -- and then it's just another piece of equipment/furniture collecting dust, breaking down or being outdated pretty quick.

If we put the muscle of a whole community behind a charitable venture, shouldn't it be something where at least one person can look back and say "wow, that really changed things for me!", you know? With computers being a commodity in many countries (I know, not all) it seems sorta impersonal somehow. There're also groups that manage charitable seeing-eye dogs and so on -- maybe it could be something more unique if it's going outside the concept of coding rewards.

I'll be thinking about something more useful to suggest, rather than just trying to shoot holes in others' ideas ;) but that was just kinda my first reaction...

regarding the charity fund, cavalcader i think i agree with your general sentiment -
let's try to focus on something that is somehow related to this site,
and something that can have an impact we can see if possible, something unique if possible.
however let's not kid ourselves - not much money comes into this site, it's not like we are rolling in cash and need to find places to send it all.  so this is a very modest attempt at providing a fund where people can chip in some credits.

ok so let's keep the ideas flowing, not just charity ideas but any ideas relating to DonationCedit things we coudl do.


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