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Alt-tabbing selected applications


I am not sure if it should go here or into general apps, as there might be a tool for this, but I cannot find anything...

Basically, I want to select two (or more) apps from the list of running apps (in Win7). Then I want Alt-Tab to switch only between those applications.

If you press Alt+TAB once then let both keys go, Windows goes back to the previously active window. So if you click on two items on the taskbar, you can use Alt+TAB to toggle between those two windows.

With two windows it works, but sometimes I need more. Also, if I get a quick look at another, non-work related application, this disrupts the alt-tab sequence.

Instead, I have begun to use the Win7 feature... I order all my work related apps in the task bar (some are already pinned, so always appear in the same place anyway) and use Alt + number to select the relevant window.


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