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Looking for people to follow on Twitter


Hello, everybody!

I never believed that Twitter will become so big, and for years I just avoided it. But now it seems to me that I am missing something and a lot of things go by just because I'm not involved. I tried to browse and search for people to follow, but there are TONS of information and I quickly get tired choosing right people - some accounts are long dead, other post things not related to their interests, or you need to follow those crazy shortlinks before you figure out what the tweet was about... Insanely ineffective. And I decided to go another way - just call for people with similar interests in a place more compatible with my brainware.

So, if you are living active Twitter life, interested in Delphi/C#/ASP.NET/Android programming and microISV business / web startups, then follow me and I'll follow you back, or post a link to your twitter account here in case you want other donationcoders to follow you.!/DmitriPopov

In case you know someone I should definitely follow, post them too.

Followed~! :D

Author of Helpinator (help authoring tool), father, amateur sci-fi writer, guitar player, ZX Spectrum fan.
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Looks like we have some similar interests.

I really don't tweet much, and don't guarantee that all my future tweets won't be NSFW, but, here's me:!/RenegadeMinds


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