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Games supplying UI & App "Paradigms"



Last night I fiddled with a few more Ludum Dare games. (I'm not sure I like this year's "small world" theme, does anyone have the links to the other years?)

A couple of them led me to daydreams of crossing software with "Mimsy were the Borogoves", new apps so wonderfully strange that they are barely conceivable in today's app "paradigms". It would be fun if I had money to burn on a commission just to program as many outre features into an app that it practically becomes a Klein Bottle. (

Anyone ever daydream of stuff like this? For example one game had you circling planets collecting rings, then when you have collected them all, you jump to a new planet, with a fuzzy physics interpretation of gravity. I can just barely imagine that being an interface to something "so simple" it becomes the new Go To idea.


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