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Access violation error every morning

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I am still getting the error "Access violation at address 004B418C in module ‘ScreenshotCaptor.exe’. Read of address 00000004." with v3.05.01 of Screenshot Captor.

It seems to occur under the following senario:

1) Start Screenshot Captor while using dual monitors. 
2) Put my laptop to sleep by removing from docking station
3) Awake my laptop using only the laptop screen
4) Put it back to sleep
5) Start my laptop again the next morning in its docking station using dual monitors.

At that point, when I first use Screenshot Captor, I get the error.  It seems to clear itself after that.

I experience this exact same issue. Also, seems to happen when running on a laptop using dual screen (external display) and waking up from sleep mode.
Once the error has happened and been dismissed, SC works fine.

Edit: running v3.05.01, Windows 7 on a HP Elitebook 2560p with a Dell external display.

I'm determined to fix this bug, and i do have a laptop i can test with..

Can you guys tell me if when you say "when I first use Screenshot Captor, I get the error" what constitutes "when i first use screenshot captor" -- does the error happen just if you try to bring up the program, or at the time you perform a capture?  Does it matter if you do a full screen capture or a region or active window capture?

For me, I mean when I first try to perform a capture using the hot key I have triggering "Grab selected region".  The program, itself, had remained running in the system tray.  The cross-hairs appear, but as soon as I start to select the region, I get the error.

Hello, I am also experiencing this issue after hibernation. I am runnig the version 3.04.01 on win 7 and I also have an external Dell display attached as the main screen. my Laptop's screen is secondary. after I Exit SC and start it again, then no problem appears. can I help? do you still need answers to your questions, some more observations? Richard


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