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Dual Monitor Issues-Screen goes to black

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Hey everyone I just installed a second screen to use with my desktop.  Every time I use to screen capture mode (with the little crosshairs so I can crop) the screen goes black on both screens.  I have been able to capture a window but that takes a lot of work to be able to use the image.  Any setting I can enact in the program or in general that will help me fix the problem?  Im running windows 7 on a 2009 dell computer. The two screens are run off two different video cards, one is a GeForce 6200 the other shows up as a Intel (R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family.  Not terribly computer literate, but can kinda fill in the gaps.  Thanks

Hi, welcome to the site :)

A few questions:
- You have the latest drivers for both video adapters installed? (check manufacturer's website, Windows update doesn't have 'm all up to date)
- You have the current ScreenShotCaptor downloaded?

Carol Haynes:
Does the GeForce card have two sockets? If so you might be better running both monitors off that and disabling/ignoring the onboard Intel graphics. Could be a driver conflict or anything really. Things will be simpler to troubleshoot with a single adapter.

I can't think of any reason why it should be giving you trouble like that.. Screenshot Captor was made to work well with multi-monitor setups.

Let's see if we can pinpoint the problem a bit more.

If you try other capture modes, most notably the "capture entire workspace" mode, does it capture all monitors as one image, like it should?

When you say the screens go black, can you elaborate.  Do you mean the screens go black and the crosshairs appear on the black screen until you select a region, and then when you select a region with the crosshairs.. what happens?  does it capture black or the correct area of the invisible black screen or?

When I push Print screen and it goes into selection mode (with the crosshairs) both my screens go black.  When I make the selection, the screen go back to normal but screenshot I selected remains black. 



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