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I would like a soft for :

With Firefox
Programmable time to enter in a web page. (once time, periodic times,...)
click in a button, portion, or space inside that web.(programmable click)
Then close that web and the browser.

- Open the web in a new window (with Firefox) . And close only that window if FF  is open in other instance.

Best Regards

this is what I am looking for long time

what I have found is Javascript, Greasemonkey, Chickenfoot, AHK/Autoit with COM etc, Selenium, Sikuli, Watir, Sahi.

there are maybe more

also, there are general automation tools like Ranorex, Mouse Robot, etc that may intergrate with web elements, but I am not sure

PS: maybe we should make gather them all and create a sticky?

Ohhh yeahhh . A terrible headache
I think any of the participants of donation coder has the same idea about automation.
Like anyone answer at the first moment to my post I have look for this things in Google.
And found just the same programs you told me Kalos.
Obviously the very best may be AHK. Just because is our favorite script maker in donation coder.
Tonight I try iMacros for Firefox. And almost, almostttttttt, get to enter in my web, log in and make a task.
But not success. So I am trying now in the corresponding forum.

The fact is that I am not clever enough to use AHK, and completely silly to use dummies solutions like automate 9.

I am in donation coder by several years and all this time I recognized i am unable to do anything like a real programmer. Just because I have little time and less memory.


Don't be too harsh on yourself.

There is AutoScriptWriter included in AHK, you can try it without getting too intimate with the syntax.

Anyway, I am also looking for a solution to a problem similar to the one you described:

I would like to open my online banking page, and have it remain open. Bank IT staff being as always cautious for the most idiot in the pack, use JS to enforce some kind of timeout for the page. If only I had some way to automatically click on a link (i.e. check account balance) once every 5 minutes, I'd be able to overcome the timeout.

The fact is that I am not clever enough to write greasemonkey scripts  :)

The only clever thing may to be in donation coder forum.....



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