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Congratulations on meeting (or nearly meeting) your fund raising goal

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One of the really wonderful things about the site, and I wish this was a lesson i had learned in my real life -- and i beg all of you younger folk to absorb it, is that DC is "Built to live within its means".

That is -- the only fixed expense of DC is the website hosting costs -- and that is inevitably correlated with donations.. So that if donations dropped precipitously at some point, we wouldn't need the bandwidth and could shift to a cheaper host.  Outside of that, every donation is just a wonderful bonus, and the site can run forever.

ps. Tao your enthusiasm is heart warming  :-*

Moving away from softlayer or theplanet to some social media hyped host is bad decision you'll ever make. Anyway congrats.

ps. Tao your enthusiasm is heart warming  :-*
-mouser (April 14, 2012, 11:36 AM)
--- End quote ---

Thank you! Enjoy it while it lasts! Vacations make me giddy : )

I'll be all somber and dignified again by Monday!  :P

Let's hope the donatin' spirit lasts longer than I!
We're up to $6,781 which is a couple of $5 dollar donations, which I know is way more than Mouser dreamed of, but Friends, Loyalists, join the Frenzy, embrace the spirit, of the Hallowed Holy Temple of the Devs! (And Hangers on!)


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