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New iPad owner. Please suggest Apps.

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One I just found is called SkyGrid for news, looks pretty good.

I was looking for a way to upload an image here using iOS, there are some forum browsing apps but some (all?) of those require the forum admin to add custom support for the app before the forum can be accessed.

I found a more straightforward way to do this: Safari Upload Enabler (Jailbreak reqd.)
It's a plugin for Safari (won't work with 3rd party browsers) that lets you upload files from the device - it has a tab that lets you browse the file system and pick a file, another tab for images/video that displays your galleries in the usual thumbnail view, a third tab for Dropbox access and a bookmarks tab to store your favorite locations. It even lets you zip the file being uploaded with the tap of a button... I tried an image upload on DC and it worked as advertised. Pretty nifty interface and it gets rid of another iOS handicap.

Just want to back ecaradec up on the Tweetbot recco. What an amazing app!  :Thmbsup:

As wraith808 already mentioned, Stanza. It works wonderfully in tandem with Calibre on the PC side, eradicating the need for the crappy iTunes crap - and without having to transfer your PDFs through DropBox (which is just stupid).

Other than that, I have a few games - Plants vs Zombies, Bejeweled HD, and Lena Games Taipei. I use the device almost exclusively for techy ebooks, casual surfing (which often means looking up stuff on google/wikipedia/imdb at night when my brain is following random chains of though), and the casual game while commuting (or not feeling quite like getting out of bed on a sunday morning).

PS: I hate crApple and how locked-down iOS is. If the Stanza+Calibre combo hadn't been available, I wouldn't have bought an iPad2. Back when I bought it, the available Android tablets were utter wank, but it seems this situation has improved quite a bit - I'd be a lot less inclined to go for an iPad today.

A web service: Clueful informs you about app privacy and security, TOS for Dummies. :)


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