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Text replacement app for Windows?

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Hi all  :D

My mum has RSI in her hand and I really think something like TextExpander but for Windows 7. Could anyone recommend anything please?

Free or paid is fine, She would probably pay in the region of $30.

Thanks in advance!

i like breevy and phrase express.

Hey did you know Donation Coder has its own: Auspex.

At some point it will be easier to find what we do and don't have on the site.

@ Redhat, Is your mum good at typing without looking at the keyboard?
Several programs of this kind have the problem that they pop-up a box. And if the user is looking at the keyboard, much typing can be for nothing because Windows is waiting for the user to respond to the pop-up box.

Auspex can go 'beep' on pop-up...


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