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OpalCalc 1.43

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Thanks skwire for that. Interesting calc, and yeah, it's got the great 'notepad' style and live answer (though lacks the dual-pane).

Just released v1.42 of OpalCalc with the new rgb2hex() and hex2rgb() functions! (plus lots more that were mistakingly 'hidden' before). Not sure if there's an 'official' RGB to colour name mapping data set out there for that feature...

Renegade, hi too! Would you also find colour names (such as coral or crimson) useful in conversion too, or just the hex to dec conversion?
-Twinbee (April 09, 2012, 09:09 AM)
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The more the merrier~! :D

It's nice to be able to go from any colour format to another. I don't use HSL much, but others might find it useful. I basically only use names, (A)RGB and hex.

I just remembered where I did some of this stuff...

OpalCalc 1.43

Here's a bunch of code (could use some cleaning likely) for named colours and all that. It uses RGB and hex, but no ARGB or HSL or any other colour format. (5.66 kB - downloaded 203 times.)

You have about 150 colours there, but Wikipedia <a href="">lists about 900</a> (not sure if there's a better source). Now if I can find a HTML table to CSV converter...

Interesting. Should I implement that on a sum by sum per basis, or a whole sheet basis? If I do the latter, it would enable the user to restore multiple sums at once.

Alternatively, to make it easier for me, I could add an option to restore just the last working session (sheet). Would this offer most of what you're looking for, or should I allow restoring of previous sheets (or sums) too?
-Twinbee (April 09, 2012, 11:54 AM)
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RE 'Show history' feature request: I think that the most logical would be to save sessions.   A lot of the time that will be only one calculation.  So if I open OC, then do 2+2, then close it, that would be one session.  But if I open it and do a bunch of sums, then close it.  That would also be one session.  I find that, in practice, I often enter data, then delete it or change it and end up with my finished equation.  Then I'm done with OC so I close it.  It should save a history of only what was there when I close the app (the other stuff I deleted or changed is irrelevant and doesn't need to be recalled).  If OC could remember even the one most-resent calculation it would be good.  I'd say 90% of the time it's the most recent calculation the I need to revisit.   

I guess you could have a pref option to "Remember the 'N' number of most recent sessions..."  Click the History Button once for the last session to be inserted at the top of the window.  Click it a second time for the next-most-resent to inserted above that, and so on.

Also note:  I'm not sure how this would work with the 5-line free version....  Maybe as OC added history items, the bottom-most calculations would get pushed down and anything below line 5 would get truncated(?)  Also, if there were Line References Such as "Total = Line 5 +1," they'd have to be update.  (i.e. If one line of history were added, it would become "Total + Line 6 + 1.") 

Did I explain that coherently?

Has anyone pointed out, by the way, that the setup puts a shortcut on the desktop even when you tell it not to?



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