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Memory probs ... any ideas?

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Carol Haynes:
Just got a new 1Gb stick of memory ... if I don't reappear you know things have gone badly! In which case an ambulance and a bottle of scotch would help ;) Hope to see you all later!

Good luck :)

Carol Haynes:
Thanks - I'm back with 1Gb.

I tried combining my three memory sticks (2Gb combined) and it passed almost all of the tests but then failed after 1hr 56 minutes.

I have come to the conclusion that it must be a mobo issue - doesn't matter now but next time I buy a mobo I'll make sure I test out all possible memory configuartions while it is still under warranty!

I've got bad experiences combining different-sized sticks, even when the sticks were individually okay... depends on your motherboard and chipset. Even same-sized but different-{vendor,model} can be problematic, but that's not often a problem today, unless you're one of those tweaker guys.

Carol Haynes:
I wasn't using different memory sizes before. The mobo just seems to have problems with good RAM sticks when they are in more than one slot. It is strange!


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