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Request for a stand-alone menu bar, that is capable of displaying sub-menus

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I need a stand-alone menu bar that can show sub-menus like any windows program. The options on sub-menus need to come for text (.txt) file(s). Selecting the last option on any sub-menu or sub-sub-menus does not acutally need to do any action / launch any program.

This menu bar is needed for training / teaching purpose. The whole and sole purpose is to customize this menu bar, to reflect the options available in a program that the students are currently going to work with.

Once they are done with first program, the text files would be replaced with new files containing options to be displayed for next program that students are going to learn.

Here is an exmple.. the Program Launcher from Hiren's boot cd:

Thanks in advance.

That sounds easy enough.  One question I have though, you say "The options on sub-menus need to come for text (.txt) file(s)".

Does that mean it's not ok to have one file specify the entire contents of the menu inlcuding submenus?  if not then how do you build the menu out of multiple files?

Thanks for quick response.

Sure.. all the options can come from a single file.. that is exactly how those menus in HBCD are made...
My only concern in that case would be that that text file should be easy to create... like CSV kind of format.. possibly having the sub-menu options listed on as many lines as many sub-menus are to be displayed.

That text file in case of HBCD program launcher is quite cluttered...

Thanks for quick repy again.

we did something similar here, though that was intended as a prompt rather than a menu

is this like what you were looking for?

What this reminds me of, is like when you have an empty project in a visual IDE, and you just build the window and the menu parts, but don't have any commands associated with the UI elements yet.
Perhaps the product could be exactly that; an empty (command-less) window with menubar, but the menubar content gets populated according to a plain text config file.
XML would work very well for this, but CSV would be easier to deal with, I agree.


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