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Not sure what you mean by 'checking the screen size'... but... FWIW...I use an Acer 7730 laptop that comes with a 17" screen.  Don't use any additional monitors or LCD's.
-crabby3 (April 01, 2012, 05:50 AM)
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Oh - When you're programming, you should check the number of monitors available and their resolutions. Once you have that, you then need to check to see if any of your program's windows are outside of the visibly controllable area for the user, i.e. Is the title bar for the Form inside of the view port for the monitors, or in other words, is the 0,0 coordinate for a Form (the upper left corner) inside of the view port of at least 1 monitor where the screen's 0,0 coordinate is the upper left corner of the primary monitor.

Like I said, few programs actually do this because it's just a PITA. It's really fine polish for a program.


Windows Explorer Folder View settings - Vista Forums
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-Curt (March 31, 2012, 12:38 PM)
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Thank You, Curt, your first link helped me understand the problem a little more and I was able to fix it.

  ...Though I used a less agressive method.  Being the 'novice' that I am... I try not to delete or change any Windows Files.

What I did:

1)  Opened My Pictures, clicked Tools, Folder Options, View and un-checked Remember each folder's view settings, then restarted my computer.**

2)  Opened My Pictures, clicked Tools, Folder Options, View and checked Remember each folder's view settings, then restarted again.

3)  Opened several different windows, moving and resizing the way I want them, and again... restarted.

4)  Opened all the windows I had moved/resized... and... and... they remembered where and how big they were.   :)

4.5)  Not done yet...  :-\

5)  Opened a few programs that seem to refresh my desktop or change the resolution as they load. (XP, PSP, etc.)  And... restarted. ;D

6)  Opened all the windows I had moved/resized and they still remembered where and how big.   :D

     ** Go to step  2  ...if the box is already un-checked.

This might be considered restart-overkill... but how much is too much... when you're testing something?

I'm just glad to get past this Windows Amnesia thing!

Thanks again Curt!    :Thmbsup:
-crabby3 (April 01, 2012, 03:48 AM)
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This is a much-needed update... my Chosen Fix didn't work !

Apparently Restart and Shut Down/Start Up are two different things.  The next time I turned on my machine... I was back to square one.   :-\   My windows had forgotten everything (size and location).

The program called AutoSizer on the above listed Windows Explorer View settings - Vista Forums page seems to have finally fix this issue.

Can I move stuff that's stored on C: drive to D: drive ?  Will this cause any problems or issues?  :tellme:

I'm almost out of memory (disk space) on C: but D: is mostly unused.  I want to move everything to D: except the Users folder.

I was given this answer to a different question, but it may be of great help to you:

The root of the C: drive (and other select folders) are protected by Windows from being written to by misbehaving/malevolent programs. This is generally considered to be A Good Thing as it can protect you from a lot of grief if one's PC is ever compromised.

Turning off UAC and circumventing Windows other security protocols is not a good idea at all. If you should ever want to save something to one of these protected zones, just right-click on a program's shortcut & select Run As Administrator if it's just a one-time thing. If you need something more permanent, then you should go into the program shortcut's properties and select Run This Program As Administrator on its property tab.

The smartest method is to work with UAC rather than try to work against/around it. If you are trying to download something from your browser to the C: drive, make a folder, and save the item inside it. You won't be bothered by UAC at all then. The location C:\ is a protected space, but say....C:\Downloads or C:\Graphics is not.

Personally, I have my primary hard drive set up as two partitions.  There's a small 75 GB partition & that's where I installed Windows. It's my C drive. I leave that for Windows to do what it will & for those brain-dead programs that don't know how to do anything but install to C: (Yes! They STILL exist!!). The rest of my primary drive is my D: drive. It's 1.8 TB or so & that's where I save all my downloads, install all my programs, and keep their data.

With this system even with having UAC on the highest, most secure setting I only see UAC prompts two or three times a week and that's when I'm doing something I know needs admin access like registry edits or installing certain programs that work at the system level. A sweet side-benefit to laying my hard drive this way is if the need or desire to reinstall Windows ever comes up I can just format that 75 GB partition immediately & reinstall Windows. I don't have to worry about copying/saving anything because everything is on the other partition.

(Oh, C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) are protected spaces as well. Using my system above everything is installed to D:\Program Files and D:\Program Files (x86) which allows older programs and games that don't know anything about UAC to work properly.)
-Innuendo (March 15, 2012, 10:55 AM)
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Can I move stuff that's stored on C: drive to D: drive ?  Will this cause any problems or issues?  :tellme:

I'm almost out of memory (disk space) on C: but D: is mostly unused.  I want to move everything to D: except the Users folder.
-crabby3 (April 05, 2012, 12:34 AM)
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"My" Documents/photos/etc are often moved to the second partition - that is possible, but I'm not a Vista user, so not sure how difficult it is in Vista.
Hopefully someone else will chip in with more info there.

When you say "I want to move everything to D: except the Users folder" were you thinking of moving all the software? That's not so possible. Or is there other stuff on C: ?


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