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I'm Going to Build a PC. Suggestions?

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Even though we have been talking about Intel chips in this thread I still prefer AMD in terms of bang for buck - they are just so my cheaper than Intel offerings - and I have found my Phenom II x6 very good - certainly spending two to three times the price on an i5 or i7 is hard to justify.-Carol Haynes (April 04, 2012, 05:03 AM)
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I always prefer AMD for the same reason but for others I'll recommend Intel because they always seem that little bit more stable and the less I get rung up about something, the better.

On a side note, I've just been given a Phenom II X6 1100T so  

Well, I placed my order but the guy at Global said the Gigabyte motherboard was discontinued.  Sure enough, I can't find it at Newegg or Tigerdirect, either, but at this time, I'm seeing it provided as a refurbished unit at

Should I buy that refurbished Mobo (at the same price as the new original mobo, I might add) or is there something else that's equivalent that I should get?   

As a side-note, I got Windows 7 64-bit Professional for $68 and Office 2010 for free, no shipping cost.  I won't bore you with the details but it was quite stressful and it involved my wife (the college student) accusing me of being reckless with our credit card, online, and thinking we got scammed.   My wife was extremely upset and called the toll-free number and the supervisor at Microsoft Store showed some real sympathy for her and ultimately we were the fortunate party.  I'll elaborate if anyone's interested.  In the end, I'll have to congratulate Microsoft for their customer support.  It was an adventure for a few hours, that's for sure.

I also received my Antec case, through Amazon.  That thing is amazing!  I might set up my tent and sleep in it tonight.

Thanks, everyone!

GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 Intel Z68 Motherboard - ATX, Socket H2 (LGA 1155), Intel Z68 Chipset, 2133MHz DDR3, SATA 6.0 Gb/s, RAID, 7.1-CH Audio, Gigabit LAN, SuperSpeed USB 3.0, CrossFireX/SLI Ready

Pretty much the same specs for $149.99, (less with rebate) - has onboard gfx which won't be used, only two USB3 ports, (but eight USB2 ports), no PCIe x4/x8 slots but unless you're going to plug in a RAID, USB3 or SATA6 card, (which can also fit in the extra PCIe x16 slot), it's unlikely you'll need them.

Carol Haynes:
I wouldn't touch reburbished motherboards with a barge pole.

  One of the most overlooked components on a computer system is the power unit.  Make sure you get one that has enough connections and wattage for what your putting into it, and a little more for future "enhancements/upgrades".  For the ultimate game machine with lot's of energy eating CPU's,GPU's, components, etc, the power unit needs to be around 500 watts.
  There is a help file on the net somewhere called "The Truth About Power Supplies" or something to that effect that will help guide you to finding the best PS for your computer specs, plus it tells you a secret or two about what specs to look for....

  I've never dealt with AMD graphics before, even though I am a AMD CPU fan (no not the fan that blows....).  lol  I've always used nVidia graphics, but it just depends on what time of year it is weather it's the top dog or not.  Last I read, nVidia just took the honors again, but that can change in a month or so.....


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