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best WYSIWYG html editor

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which would consider the best WYSIWYG html editor?

I used to use Dreamweaver in the past (where it belonged to Macromedia), but it's been some time since I edited html


If you want to make sites that way: still dreamweaver.
Alternatively you can try Microsoft Expression Web, it's quite good from what I can tell (not used it myself).

If you want to make better sites: gradually switch to Dreamweavers code view or switch to a good programming editor such as Sublime Text, or HTML Kit even.
If you write html content, learn markdown as it is faster and plain text and converts into html. I've written an online markdown editor, but there are many.

if your page must look good in devices as well, also try the brand new and free Adobe Shadow

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Adobe Shadow | preview mobile web - Adobe Labs

-Adobe Dreamweaver
--- End quote ---

^ Shadow isn't a WYSIWYG html editor.  It looks cool... but that's a topic for a different discussion.

Your two basic choices are Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression. (There's also KompoZer for Linux - which really needs to be considered a late beta product.)

FWIW both MS Expression and Dreamweaver have fairly steep learning curves before you can use them effectively. So they're not exactly something that you can just sit down with and bang out webpages. can...but you'll soon regret it if you don't understand how those products work - and don't see things the way they do.

My feeling is you'd be far better off immersing yourself in HTML and CSS until you understand how they actually work (on a code level) before you try out anything that automates the process for  you. Neither is difficult to understand or hard to learn.

WYSIWYG web tools may be fine for a professional developer. But for a beginner or novice they'll probably be more confusing than helpful.

So my advice is forget WYSIWYG and get yourself a good book or two, plus a text editor you can work with, and have at it.

WYSIWYG is intrinsically limited by what the creators of the app thought somebody might want to do with it. Writing the code yourself (or copying/modifying/pasting somebody else's code) takes you beyond what a code generator (which is what WYSIWYG actually is) is capable of - no matter how powerful it may be. Writing HTML/CSS code is more WYGIWYI (What You Get is What You Imagine).

So what 's the best WYSIWYG HTML editor?

My answer: The best is a person who understands HTML and CSS code.

Because at the end of the day, that person always has their webpages come out exactly the way they want them to.


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