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best WYSIWYG html editor

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HTMLKit is good, but you can't beat a text editor with a few extra features. I use PSPad (save direct to FTP, syntax highlighting, code cleanup etc.)

BlueGriffon is good, but BlueGriffin charges for plugins that do the useful bits.

Amaya is still a good editor and is my favourite free WYSIWWG editor -

Hi All

I have recently needed put up a basic informational Web Site. I have in the past, used Dreamweaver, Expression Web, Front Page, NVU, etc. I have used WordPress, Joomla, Drupal in the past. I also put up a site using the Concrete5 Open source framework.

Being that I only do Web design from time to time, I wanted to use a WYSIWYG program and just get it done, without having to deal with HTML, CSS etc... So I tried out Xara Web Designer, Corel Web Site Designer and WYSIWYG Web Builder. I settled for WYSIWYG Web Builder. While some may dislike the absolute positioning code it generates, it can be used to generate a website with pixel perfect layout that renders well in all browsers and devices. The program includes the ability to add your own html (Xara does not). For the reasonable price of $45.00 this program does not fail to impress this software junkie.

This package is so full of features that it's hard to believe it's less that a 10 Mb download. It includes an extension capability with many extensions already available and over 250 from other users.

They do have a trial download that will generate a full website with only a small logo at the bottom of the page (which can be removed from the generated HTML). They also have a forum for it's users. 

HTMLKit is good, but you can't beat a text editor with a few extra features.-Antonimo (April 03, 2012, 06:35 AM)
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That's why I gave up on looking for good WYSIWYG.

Of course, I need to use Dreamweaver at work but it just builds up my anger each day.
Little more complaints

I settled for WYSIWYG Web Builder.
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Not only is the software excellent, but the developer gives top-notch support (he apparently never sleeps).  The forum is quite active and full of helpful users.  Free updates appear regularly and a new major version seems to show up about once a year, at half-price for current license holders..


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