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best WYSIWYG html editor

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You still use tables? Typical WYSIWYG user. :P
-Tuxman (March 29, 2012, 03:52 AM)
--- End quote ---

For tabular data, of course. ;)

do you know this one?

can make decent websites:

i use it for fast prototiping :)

One of the things that you really need a browser for is to actually see the DOM as it is rendered. e.g. If you put the page into a JavaScript document.write statement, then you can't see that content until it runs. Opera and Chrome have excellent built in tools for seeing the DOM. IE and FF also have them.

The debuggers are ok, but kind of sucky if you're used to the more powerful ones that you get with an IDE like VS or Borland Studio or whatever.

Those kinds of things I haven't seen done well in a WYSIWYG editor. Or at least not well enough to make me attempt to continue to use them for more than a minute of pain.

Oh, and +1 for Stylizer. Very nice to use.

Hi Gang, I have been selected to put up a web site for our Neighborhood Association (in Spanish) and altho I have very little experience and even less time to spend on it, I have been told to use something that the President can add to, like meeting announcements on Page 1 that he could email to the site.  I have looked around and seem to feel that WordPress would be the better choice for us.  It needs to have a front page with the latest news, it also needs a Forum where Registered visitors can ask and comment.  It also needs a Data Base for correspondence to and from the Association that is only available to members (via password, I would expect) and a General Data base where we could put documents from the City that affect our work and progress.  It also requires a Photo Album section open to all.  Not an easy task as I suspect.

I just happen to have the necessary hosting space described as "unlimited sites and unlimited storage and traffic" which I pay for in 4 year chunks (but seldom use to its extent)

But there are some inconveniences.... some of the folks accessing the site would do so only with DialUp (and yes, it still exists here in balmy Costa Rica) so no sexy Flash stuff on the basic pages as the wait might discourage their participation and Participation is what we want.

I am wide open to any suggestions that anyone wants to make.  Thanks.

BlueGriffon, formerly Kompozer, formerly NVU. Gets the job done well, although I have very basic needs.


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