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So we gave up the March Ad Experiment Idea - What about a 7day mini fundraiser?

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^ By expenses, I include your time, also. :)

These are all very real issues!

The Net is grappling with "second generation users" by which I mean that everyone opens up a Free As In Beer service/site, and everyone has fun with it for a year. But one of my minor specialties has been studying Durable Value on the net. Somewhere between that 1 year and up to about 3, half the site owners go looking for that quick money conversion to sell out or get out.

So once something becomes a Good Thing and builds up the fan base to start seriously costing for hosting, the strain begins to show. I just finished a study over at (FWS) studying the limits of free hosts. Do you feel okay giving us some quick stats on total site size and bandwidth that jumps the price up to that $420ish per month?

Just to really get everyone thinking, there's a site called Crosswinds/cWahi (different divisions) which annoyed FWS for advertising "Unlimited Bandwidth", and that's on the Free Hosting division. I know, "there's no such thing as Unlimited", but the owner has done a good job, and I haven't yet seen anyone "bust his bandwidth". So quick idea is you could cut your costs in half depending how much he would charge for a commercial account.

As for money, y'all have some nice discussions, but by itself that isn't worth $100/year to me. My current problem is that once stuff gets out of the Snack range, it drops off a cliff. While I misfired a little here and there, by now you've seen the type of custom apps I like and their approximate depth of features. I think there's a funny mindset shift between Volunteer and Working for coding. Volunteer is all about "of course I'm not making a dime, I'm doing it for the love of it all". Then when it comes time to make money, it shifts to "I want to be paid my going rate", except that goes through the roof on price.

So unfortunately, for personal niche apps, DC's competition is places like vWorker(Rentacoder) and oDesk. That's where I'm headed next for my next couple of projects, because I can't figure out how not to sound insulting here when the sweet spot price range for the value is between $50 and $100.

Ack! I have been stopping in here and there for a couple weeks (been busy otherwise) and didn't even know about a fundraiser this year! It wasn’t mentioned in a newsletter, was it?

As always, I have absolutely no problem with a fundraiser for DC. (Did I really just say that?!) Money just burns holes in my pockets anyway... (Did I say that, too? Or is this just a dream?!    :-\ )

OK, kidding. I'd probably just spend my pocket money on more software - that I really, really, really don’t need - anyway.   ;)   8)   :)



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