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ExifCleaner at GiveAwayofTheDay 25 Feb 2011


ExifCleaner 1.5 from is available at GAOTD today, 25 Feb 2011. Sounds pretty decent. Believe it or not it has a bunch more Thumbs-up ratings than Thumbs-down, which is a rarity anymore at GAOTD. It cleans out the Exif tags, geotags, IPTC and Adobe XMP from JPEG images. Works on individual photos or in batch mode. I haven't installed it yet but according to some users there who have it does not require any special registration or serial codes; the version downloaded will work from the start. Of course the usual GAOTD limitations apply: No tech support and no free upgrades to future versions, and it is strictly for personal use.

Has anyone here used ExifCleaner or any of's applications? I am going to try this one but as always I am interested in comments from other users.



ExifCleaner 1.7 is being given away today..

To get the info on the latest updates in the current release, read ExifCleaner’s changelog.

Downloading options: you can choose between the regular installable version (usual GOTD download link) (file size: 2.17 MB) and the portable edition of ExifCleaner (for using from USB flash drives; file size: 2.15 MB).
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