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Interested in an eReader - Kobo Touch $29.99 from Best Buy 2012-03-17


Kobo Touch $29.99 from Best Buy 2012-03-17

More on the Kobo.  Though less mainstream than the others (especially since Borders went under), the Kobo remains a viable alternative, especially since it is one of the friendlier readers for EPUB.  It's store sells books with Adobe eBook DRM, which I am skeptical of since the Adobe Digital Editions requires activation, so I'm not sure how that is on the Kobo.  But this is a really good deal on a reader.

(review on GoodReader) (Review on CNET) (review on The eBook Reader)

Mind you: These are refurbished Kobo's! :huh: That probably explains the low price ;)

wraith808:, the refurb is normally $50.  The normal price is $100.


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