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Windows Desktop ---> web-page


Steven Avery:

Here is a quirky idea.

Your basic Windows Desktop to a web-page.
(Does the desktop have a key to close and then reset all your windows open ? )

The web-page should get around the limitation of calling programs on your disk. (A limitation designed for internet security that can get in the way of internal browser usage.)  This limitation was discussed briefly, I think, a while back. 

Implemented anywhere ?  Make any sense ?


It was called active desktop sometime in the late nineties I suppose :)

Carol Haynes:
I think Stephen is talking the other way round - display your desktop on a webpage.

Team Viewer can do that to allow you access to your desktop remotely via a webpage - but not to be displayed publicly.

I suppose there is no reason why you couldn't take automated regular screenshots and upload them to a webcam type webpage. A live desktop on a website seems unlikely - think of the bandwidth?


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