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The problem with online ads

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Some very wise words from Clive Thompson over at Wired magazine on the subject of charging for your software or service.  It's a very blunt assessment of the whole problem with the notion of "monetizing" as opposed to selling something.

This very short article is called: Clive Thompson on the Problem With Online Ads. And it should be required reading for anybody who is considering some of the nonsense passing for common wisdom about online revenue opportunities. (except follows)

I predict that in 2050, we’ll look back at the first 20 years of the web and shake our heads. The craptacular design! The hallucinogenic business models! The privacy nightmares! All because entrepreneurs convinced themselves that they couldn’t do what inventors have done for centuries: Charge people a fair price for things they want.
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I think the mix is in the middle somewhere. There are so many thousands of "Things" out there in Internet Land, that we need a lot of them to be free. I would like to suggest that the commitment goes the other way too - if you are charging money, then the quality needs to be higher than the "free" versions.

I'll throw the wrinkle in that the growing corruption on the Govt side is interfering too.

New topic, based on a brainstorm I just had. The problem with ads is that they're "Guess-Push". "Well, since he doesn't like ThisRandomAd about Laundry Cleaners, let's show him one about a Barbie Doll!"

(Announcer Voice)
I'm going to (re?)invent a brand new type of Advertising, Live, Right here on DC! Let's get ourselves an Ad Agency name... got it. The Really Nice Advertising Company! Okay, there we go, there's our ad agency. Ready folks? Here we go!

In the top corner of every page, put 1 small note. "Hi, Companies. I am bored. Show me an Ad!"

That brings you to the Ad Page.

"What kind of ad would you like to see?" (Select by emotional tone, visual style, ad-copy style, or by company advertised)

((User Selects Funny Tone, Funny ad-copy style.))

"Here you go User! This is the classic Fed Ex ad with John Moschitta."

"Was That Funny?"

(Yes / Sorry, No) ((User selects Sorry, No)

"Okay, here is another ad we find funny. It's a foreign company called Ortakatro. Hope you like it!"

"Was That Funny?"

(Yes / Sorry, No) ((User selects Yes))
"Great! Select an Option:"
(Go back to what I was doing / See More Ads)


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