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OpenDNS updates their censorship policy

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Oh, this is rich... can't ask for any better

Today we published a new policy. It’s something we’ve always honored, but we’re so firm in our convictions about this particular topic that we felt it necessary to share our stance officially. OpenDNS does not provide content filtering services to governments or Internet Service Providers that contribute to oppression by censoring the Internet for their people.

--- End quote ---

As of today, I will never use another DNS service.

Stoic Joker:
I can't switch to OpenDNS ... 'cause I'm already using it. :D

Most Excellent News!

The only thing I don't like about OpenDNS is that though it touts that the community polices the filters, the mods can put a filter in place with no recourse for the community.

But yes, it is a great service, and this is an excellent statement.

I've used OpenDNS for years & the OP makes me feel like I've made the right decision in sticking with them.

I've wondered before, but this seals the deal. I'm sold!


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