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Advanced SystemCare 5 PRO giveaway


Promotion valid from Feb 14, 0:00 - Feb 14, 24:00

Advanced SystemCare PRO Free Giveaway
As our appreciation for the great support from our users in the past year, we decide to initiate a free giveaway of our flagship product, Advanced SystemCare PRO on Valentine's Day. (24 hours)

Please simply enter your beloved email in the box below then a letter with giveaway details will be sent to him/her immediately.
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Advanced SystemCare PRO Free Giveaway
Sorry, currently our mail server is overloaded due to too many participants. The gift mail may not be delivered instantly but we will try our best to guarantee the delivery.
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wow, your post must have been read by many, rgdot  8)

Anyway, I had my license key just two minutes later.  :up:

Their site was DonationCodered ;D


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