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The Bat question: How to control the auto-filling address fields?


I'm going to try to stay calm...

So how can one control the address autofilling features of the Bat?  I have no clue about the logic behind it.  There are addresses I write to all the time that get autofilled easily after a character or two is typed, that's good.  Then there are several that just won't ever autofill, even if it's an address I write to all the time.  The logic behind these things is nonsense.  Why can't it work like gmail's web autofill?  That works...every...single..time.

This is a pet peeve of mine ever since I started getting hung up on it in Outlook.  Some programs only work if you use the last name first.  Some go by the display name.  Some have 20 different places to configure the options, and none of them end up working the way you want.


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