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[Feature Request] Grab Region to Capture Mouse Cursor

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Salvete!  I am requesting a feature to be able to capture the mouse cursor during a "Grab Region" procedure.

Preliminary Notes:

* There is already a mouse delay feature, and the user is able to set a custom delay time.
* The standard capture delay happens *before* a capture.
* Using this delay time is of little or no value for a "Grab Region" procedure, since it only causes the user to have to wait before he can select the region - what good is that?
* There is no convenient way to capture the mouse during a "Grab Region" procedure, without some combination tricks.  (See
 However, the delay feature may become useful for "Grab Region" if it affected the grab *after* the user selects a region.  Then the user would have time to move the mouse back into the region for it to be captured.  Now, I think the "region selection box" should be visible during the time of delay, that way the user doesn't have to guess where to put his mouse.  Then, of course, the box goes away at the end of the delay and the capture is made.

I am proposing these changes:

* Change the way "Use Delay" works ONLY for "Grab Region".
* Move the delay for "Grab Region" to *after* the user draws the selection box.
* Leave the selection box visible until the delay ends.
* Leave the "Capture Cursor" option just the way it is.
Thanks for your attention!


Makes sense to me.

I'm voting +1 :up: (as if that would help ;D)

Sounds promising -- I hope it's easy to implement :)

try the new beta official release:

v3.04.01 - Apr 12, 2012

* [BugFix] Panel height for resizable bottom info panel was not being saved/restored between runs.
* [Feature] Selection (marching ants) is now shown live in the bottom left zoom panel (cursor location is now shown more clearly too).
* [BugFix] Dirty files are saved prior to executing a zupload action (ensures you dont upload a file that has changed but not been saved yet).
* [Feature] Added cancel button in options to abandon any changes made in options dialog.
* [Feature] Installer now has checkbox to start-with-windows (unchecked by default); you can use /MERGETASKS="startforall" if you want to enable this by default during install.
* [Feature] You can now use alt+arrows to nudge upper left corner of selection (use shift+arrows to nudge bottom right corner, plain arrows to move selection box, and ctrl+arrows to adjust both corners).
* [Feature] Color of pixel under cursor is now shown on statusbar menu toolbar; hit Ctrl+Alt+B in main window to copy it to cursor (or use alt+E to choose copy color from Edit menu).
* [MajorFeature] When performing a selected-region capture you can now see a zoomed inset window showing magnified pixel details and precise selection crosshairs; see options for control over the zoom magnification and panel size, and to disable.
* [Feature] You can now move the cursor icon to be captured when performing a selected-region capture; just hit the C key to move it under the mouse.  You can even use this to ADD the cursor if you do not have "capture cursor" mode enabled by default.
* [Feature] In selected-region capture you can hit the spacebar to reset the starting selection box position (escape cancels).
* [MinorFeature] Option added to revert to old small crosshairs in selection-region capture mode.


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