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FINAL: The Official WriteUp for the NANY 2012 Event!

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Modesty leads me to ask if it is too much trouble or gives the wrong impression to say "commissioned by"
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@TaoPhoenix: Done!
-kyrathaba (January 06, 2012, 06:37 AM)
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Thank you! Now I can sleep this weekend!

Really though, I think it's an important "3rd angle". In fact it ties into that "I'm done with free" discussion - don't just code an app and blindly throw it into the wind - get a PowerUser Sponsor to commission it! Think about it - my app probably has a net-wide userbase of a hundred, tops. Business potential of Zero. But not only am I a Humanities type and not a coder, I'd hate the idea of burning 3 weeks making that "just to get back to what I was supposed to be doing"! Also, that's too big of an App for a Snack - that's at least a Coding Pizza!

(Plus I wanna know what other Retro Enthusiast likes the RetroComputing inspired interface!)

Good work to all. Not only is this a long list, but the collective effort grows increasingly professional every year, so once again, this year's collection is a high-water mark.

We tried to do a bad enough job with the screencasts that we would encourage authors to do their own next time
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Well, mouser tried to do a bad-enough job ... for me, it came naturally   ;D

Great job!  I'm impressed with the number and quality of the submissions, and with the dedication of mouser and kyrathaba to making screencasts for them all.  Super!

In the PinPics video: I like the part about me being the "owner and sole author" of Shaken Software, Inc.  That's right, at least, for now :)

It's too bad you didn't have any geotagged photos to play around with.  Perhaps I should upload a few of mine to serve as examples (the ones in the demo screenshot are simple pictures I took around here in Boston with my phone)...

the dedication of mouser and kyrathaba to making screencasts for them all.
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I'd like to acknowledge and thank Skwire for doing his own screencasts for his three entries. That helped us considerably. Was there another developer who produced her/her own casts?


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