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NANY 2012 Release: Simple Software Licensing

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Thanks for your contribution, josant!

My company currently uses WorldPay so support for that would definitely increase the likelihood we could use this system. We'd be happy to pay for it too, just that most existing solutions are either very expensive or highly proprietary. Anyway, this is definitely of interest, I'll keep an eye on it. And thanks for sharing it with DC!

- Oshyan

josant, looks from your official page like this is a pretty well-developed project. Is it okay to for me to update the title of this thread to contain the word Release?. Basically everyone who has pledged but not yet Released needs to officially release their app, so we can sceencast it and do a writeup.

This will be a late release I am afraid. I have gone on a last minute New Years trip with my family and wasn't able to finish and upload the Donationcoder release of it before we left. I will push this out on Monday afternoon (GMT+1) I can also do a screen cast of how it works on Monday.

Sorry about the delay and Happy New Year to everyone!

The first DonationCoder licensed version of this application has now been released.

I'll be creating a screencast of how to use this for simple licensing including validating license validity.
The version number will change to 1.0 before I do the screen cast but everything else will be the same...


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