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NANY Folk, I can make your icon if you want...

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I have a few days off for Winter Break, so I'll make (an) icon(s) for someone if they need.  I always want to contribute to the NANYs, but I'm not a programmer.
Here is an example of some icons I made (to be used only with zabkat's xplorer2) (If you're a frequenter there you might notice some faces ;) Also note that some of the images are based on existing icons ) 
I also make one for a fellow here last year...  "NetLaunch" I think.
Not the greatest artwork in the world I know, but folks aren't obligated to use a graphic if it doesn't turn out the way they want.

Some nice-looking work, there, kunkel...

A very generous offer!  :Thmbsup:

Stoic Joker:
Well, if there are no other takers...

The icon I'm currently using for Got Space? is insanely huge 264KB, and not really discriptive of what the program does. So... If you're willing...I'm interested.

Thank you,

Stoic Joker

kyrathabo and mouser,  Thanks for the kind words!

Stoic Joker, GotSpace? looks like a pretty cool utility!  And BTW I've used T-Clock for years !!  :) 
Do you (or anyone) have any thoughts on what visual image corresponds to "ability to view drive space available?"
I imagine it would include a magnifying glass...  Or a ruler(?)   


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