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Cool Open Source file-sharing app: HTTP File Server (HFS)

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Aha.  I appear to be using 2.2f -- will try with 2.3 beta (build 279).  Thanks for the tip!

Seems to work just fine with 2.3 beta (build 279).

Thanks a lot for your help :)

Just wanted to mention that I encountered a problem with trying to download to Android devices and now have a work-around.  IIUC it's not an HFS problem, but since HFS is one of my favorites and I encountered the issue in the context of using HFS...

It's great that one can use the "Archive" functionality of HFS to download multiple files as a single .tar file - particularly in the context of Android devices which lack external memory cards and/or uncooperative PC USB connectivity situations.  Unfortunately, Android (and/or various companies' roll-outs of it) seem unhelpful in not allowing the downloading of files with certain extensions (or at least turning it into an issue to work around).

What ended up working for my situation was to use Firefox and AndExplorer (apks available via non-market means).  Firefox seemed sane in its not restricting downloads and AndExplorer was able to handle extraction of tar files.

failed attemptI first tried to get HFS to respond with different headers as per:

but I didn't succeed in figuring out how to do that.


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