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I'm cleaning up a friends computer,what portable security freeware should i pack

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Re-installing does seem the best bet.

But here's good resource for taking on the road.

I used to have the Serial key to my Windows 95 disc memorized i screwed my pc up so many times.-tinyvillager (April 15, 2006, 12:02 AM)
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Me too! With Win98 and later 2000.

Here's the sollution to the Windows 98 computerformat c: /s

But seriously; Windows 98 needs a good format every few months just to keep it in line anyway, no better time than now.

Or find a CD on eBay, or at a local Mom & Pop computer store, it *should* be about $10, or realistically free. Or, there's probably a FreeCycle in your area, I bet it wouldn't take long to get a Win98 CD.


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