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Community outsourcing... Awesome idea

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Here's another one, this time aimed at babysitters, tutors, in-home caregivers and pet sitters:

Sitters & nannies to make the whole family smile.

How Works:

1- Post a job for free
2- Contact top candidates
3- Access their background checks and references
4- Hire the right fit for you

--- End quote ---

I've seen a bunch of ads for babysitters and pet sitters lately through, so I think it's catching on.

TaskRabbit is now live in Seattle, and I've signed up.  :D

One thing to be wary of is payment and terms, especially in regards to work done, and your alternatives.  Pay close attention to how it's done, and if possible, contact someone who has done work on the site to see how it is.  Been there, done that, gotten burned before.

Yep. I've heard nightmare stories about transactions with Paypal, for example.
I'd get clear correspondence with the administrators about how transactions are handled, what to do if somebody reports job not done/transaction pulled, etc.
Seems that doing business this way, you're acting as an independent contractor, without some of the legal benefits.


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