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I don't think I could do it since every time the browser launches from the command line it's going to see if it already has a copy open. If so, it restores the window. Stuff would be jumping up and down. Sounds like you would be better served by a tab control addon. I don't really use them. So I don't know if there's a way to keep the browser minimized until everything loads. All my hotkey does is find out which exe file owns the active window, and launches it with a url in a loop, processing all the url shortcuts in the folder.  AddOns can do more since they have hooks running inside the browser and are written for particular browsers.

The other thing that might work would be browser dependent. If it has command line switches to open multiple urls, open them in new tabs, with app minimized etc..

The real purpose of this utility is not to be a tab manager. But to open a browser to a blank page, speeding up the load, then opening a group of urls so that you don't totally sacrifice starting with a working set of pages. More sophisticated than that and it would have to be an AddOn or Plugin.

I do have an idea that may work in the scenario you outlined. I just tried it. I have a tray hotkey called TopmostToggle.  Basically you make a window active, then hit the hotkey. It toggles the topmost or "stay on top" attribute of the window.

Just now I brought up chromium to this forum. I set chromium to stay on top with TopmostToggle.  Then I brought up Firefox. I clicked FF to make it active(it stayed behind chromium even though it had the keyboard focus) and hit the UrlPack hotkey. It opened the urls in tabs while staying behind chromium.  Just hit the TopmostToggle hotkey again on chromium, in this example, to turn off the stay on top behavior.  When you click the TopmostToggle hotkey on a window, a tooltip shows the new status of the Topmost attribute.

There's a small write-up of TopmostToggle on Gizmo's site:

It's the first entry in the "Others" section. I think it was mentioned on a few other sites. The verdict seemed to be "worked on more kinds of windows than any other" along with "has the fewest features."  They kind of go hand in hand. It works on nearly everything because it's simple. :)

Search Topmost Toggle on the page below to download:

I was just testing this out, and it's close!

I was just testing this out, and it's close!

-TaoPhoenix (April 12, 2012, 10:09 PM)
--- End quote ---

Another wrinkle might be to have Selector running in the tray. One of the main reasons I wrote it was displaying the current browser page in a different browser without having to install Launchy type plugins in each browser. It has a ListBox where you can add shortcuts or paths of exe files. In this case for the browser transfer assume there's another browser already in the ListBox. You click in the current browser address bar to highlight the url, hit the hotkey for Selector, then double click the browser in the ListBox. The new browser opens to that page. In this scenario, then you could just hit the UrlPack hotkey on the new browser to add a bunch of tabs. It may seem less lame than just clicking the browser icon to open the secondary browser.

I like to combine general purpose small hotkey programs to accomplish various things rather than design a vertical utility with a ton of features. Just seems easier to debug and maintain. Plus small things are easier to think of and knock off. I'm doing this for fun after all. :)

Heh! I like playing "Combo" with utilities as much as the next guy, but I do like a little vertical integration into utilities so that something grows into something awesome to behold. I do get that doing it vertically leads to a bit more linking, but it's a tricky call of churning user energy to remember fancy combos vs programmer energy. Quick guess is this begins to creep out of my range for remembering all the pieces. The alternative I've been using is I just have a semi-private "jump page" with all my favorite sites linked, which open in new tabs, so I just bang clicks down the page and out pop my pages in tabs.


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