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Url Pack Added command to open Gui from Tray Menu.  Added Gui Button to open url folder.  Added icons to Tray Menu.

Url Pack Fixed bug where F1 would open About Box if Gui was open, even if the Gui did not have the keyboard focus.

This is pretty cute. I missed the point back in Dec when you were doing the early dev. Today I caught on to the fact that I always open the same 10 sites twice a day.

But here's a fun tip. It triggers off a "default browser" (which is fine!). So if you open a "Non-Default" browser for specialty tasks like DC with 8 tabs open for the threads, 2 wiki entries, hulu, IMDB, and some misc page, open a "non-default" browser to hold all that. For example, I use Cometbird which is a Firefox spinoff as my "workhorse browser" because somehow it doesn't need to do 30 seconds of garbage collection every time it closes.

Then I/you can run URL Pack to load your 10 workhorse sites in the second "default" browser (here, Firefox standard). In the Windows task bar at the bottom you can visually see which is which, rather than having 30 tabs all smashed off the screen with that little arrow.

Feature Request: I have it set to 15 sec for the starter load, and 5 sec thereafter (because my connection is slow.) Can we get a feature so that once you minimize whatever browser it's working on, it loads them all minimized to the task bar? For example, after it first pulls the "default browser" sure it pops up, but then if I minimize it, can I let it work for 2 minutes in the background?



I'm not quite sure what you mean by working in the background.  But the way I intended it was, to use a browser other than default, open the browser. Click it with the mouse to make it the active window.  Then when you hit the hotkey, the pack is loaded using that browser. In fact the list of "Supported Browsers" is only to limit when the hotkey fires. It should work with any browser that opens a url from the command line in a new tab.  You would just need to comment out the BrowserGroup stuff and recompile.

As far the the initial and following delays, use the Long Delay and Short Delay Buttons in the Gui. The settings you request are within the valid range already.

To change the hotkey just make a shortcut that specifies a different hotkey on the command line. For example if you want WinKey-b as the hotkey, specify #b after the exe name on the target line of the shortcut.  Another example, to use hotkey control-k specify ^k on the command line. If the hotkey does not register correctly it should spit out an error message. Esp. with AHK apps though, many hotkeys are not "global." They are only in effect when certain windows are active. Therefore setting the hotkey may seem to work ok, then you open some other app and it steals the hotkey. Trial and error seems the only real way to go.

If you make is something unusual then you may be able to dispense with the BrowserGroup and use with nearly any browser.

If you do compile it yourself make sure to use AutoHotkey_L Unicode version of AHK_L.  Here's a list of hotkey codes:

Some great notes there but not what I hoped for.

When I launch it, my "secondary neo default" browser keeps trying to become an active window. So suppose I was reading DC. I'd launch the pack, and I'd hope to minimize it to keep reading DC. Instead, it keeps grabbing active window status. So I'm stuck staring kinda into blank space for 1-2 minutes while it all loads. Is it possible for those tabs to load but not to trigger active window status?


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