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Url Pack 1.0 is yet another tray hotkey. Most browsers now have the built in facility to drag the icon on the left end of the Address Bar to the desktop, creating a url shortcut. I designed Url Pack to take advantage of this.

You may download the program from this page:

I usually start my browsers with a blank page.  But I thought it may be useful to have an easy means of launching a group of Urls in one shot.  This hotkey app pops up a Gui with 4 buttons.

Gather Urls Button moves any Url shortcuts from the Desktop to the URLS folder that's created in the folder where UrlPack.exe lives. Duplicates are silently overwritten.

Open Urls Button launches all the Urls in said folder.

The other 2 buttons are for setting the delays.
Long delay to give the browser time to load up off the disk.
Short delay is the delay between subsequent Url launches.

By fiddling with the delays you should be able to get the default browser to come up and load tabs for each shortcut.

Utterly useless for those who load a bunch of tabs on startup.  But for people like me who usually fire up an empty page, this makes it simpler to create a working set of sites.

Also the Tray Menu has a command to open the URLS folder.
The default hotkey is Alt-F10 but it's adjustable via .ini file.

Note that the delay buttons will not close after the entry is made. No sense making you hit the hotkey again to set both delays.  The Gather and Open Buttons show disabled if there are no shortcuts for them to work on.  They check for shortcuts on every pop up. But if you leave the window open and make shortcuts on the desktop, the buttons won't know it until the Gui closes and pops up again.

Once you're set up it's a matter of hit the hotkey, Press the Open Urls Button.

Url Pack Gui button fixes.

Url Pack If Gui gets under other application windows, now hitting the hotkey again will bring it to the top.  Added DefaultBrowser option to ini file.  See Readme Tip section for usage.  Added Edit IniFile command to Tray Menu.

Edit IniFile adds comments to the start of the ini file with info on hotkey modifiers. But the main convenience is being able to edit while UrlPack.exe is running.  The script reloads to refresh settings from the ini file when the edit is complete.

Url Pack Minor fixes. Mostly the delay input boxes. Making them modal.  Also they keep opening until dismissed or a valid value is entered.

Url Pack There may still be a bug or 2 but this is getting less clunky now.  Removed ini file DefaultBrowser option.  The program only has one hotkey. It can be set via command line or ini file.

There are 2 modes.

1) You hit the hotkey and a supported browser is not the active window:
The Gui comes up like before.

2) You hit the hotkey with a supported browser as the active window:
It gets the path of the browser's exe and uses it to open the Url Pack
if it's the default browser or not.  No need to change settings to use
the pack with any browser.

Looks like the major functions are in place. Now just hunting down minor bugs.


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