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Anyone else here on DC using this spam filter? I've been testing it for quite a while now and I must say I'm very happy with it indeed:

It sits between your POP and IMAP accounts much like MailWasher - but it seems to have one step better integration, in that when I send/receive from my email client, it springs into action, then my mail arrives. So unlike MW, I don't need to keep switching between applications (well I do, but only once a day to make sure nothing got trapped that should not)

By now where I have it at the point where it's really well-trained and also has some nice custom filters: I'm basically spam free yet confident that everyone who should get through, does get through.

The filters are extremely versatile, and there is a plugin SDK available which means it's adaptable for some fairly specialised scenarios.

I'm nothing to do with these folks (except a donor to the project) but I think they could use some recognition.  :Thmbsup:

Been using that for 5+ years now, just upgraded a few weeks ago. Still gotta do the wife's PC too :huh:

Must say still some spam get's through, but that's usually because it has (one of) my e-mail addresses as the sender, that's the new fashion (again) in spam-land I guess :mad:
It probably get's through because I have it set at Normal Aggressiveness, but I have the standard plugins enabled except for the DCC filter, that's been very slow ever since the first version I ever used. Might need to re-enable it and try again, my connection speed is a lot better now ;)


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