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Finished Coding Snack: Separate .txt file at any specified punctuation mark

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As you will no doubt know now, Timns has kindly offered to write  a small program to do exactly what I need based on the information I have given (as opposed to using an existing program which has far more features than I need, want or understand).

However I thank you for your time and responses, it is indeed heartening to find that there are people willing and able to devote their time and energies helping a stranger solve a problem.


@Quidnunc: If you don't know it already, you might like to check out TextSTAT - Simple Text Analysis Tool (freeware):
Concordance software for Windows, GNU/Linux and MacOS

TextSTAT is a simple programme for the analysis of texts. It reads plain text files (in different encodings) and HTML files (directly from the internet) and it produces word frequency lists and concordances from these files. This version includes a web-spider which reads as many pages as you want from a particular website and puts them in a TextSTAT-corpus. The new news-reader, too, puts news messages in a TextSTAT-readable corpus file.
TextSTAT reads MS Word and OpenOffice files. No conversion needed, just add the files to your corpus...
In TextSTAT you can use regular expression which provides you with powerful search possibilities. The programme is multilingual. Because it uses Unicode internally, TextSTAT can cope with many different languages and file encodings.
--- End quote ---

@timns: are you thinking of making checkboxes for each punctuation mark, so Quidnunc can build regular expressions without having to understand them?

I'll definitely have some way of controlling which characters cause a line-break. There are rather a lot of candidates when one starts looking: '.,?!"-:; and of course ♫ 

How's this:

Finished Coding Snack: Separate .txt file at any specified punctuation mark

You just have to enter the punctuation or other characters at the top, and dump your text into the upper pane. Clicking go produces output as shown.

I added some convenience buttons for clearing, copying and pasting.

Later I'll put this in my coding area, with a proper little write-up, but for now this URL:

... will launch the program for you. You may get a warning that it's signed by an unknown publisher. That's ok, it's me  :Thmbsup:


1. Select and copy the text that is to be re-formatted so it's in your PC's (or Mac or Linux box) clipboard
2. Click the 'Paste' button or use Ctrl+V in the top window
3. Click the 'Go' button
3a. Go "ooh" and "aah" in admiration (optional step)
4. Select a subset of the results, or leave everything unselected (which gets you all text in the results area), and click the 'Copy' button - your formatted text is now available on the clipboard to do whatever-it-is-you-need-to-do with it.

Finished Coding Snack: Separate .txt file at any specified punctuation mark


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